SP Flash Tools: MTK Android Service Tool

The name, SP Flash Tools, is a shorthand for Smart Phones Flash Tools.
This mobile phones service tool is one of the commonest tool being used for servicing MTK Android devices.

Quick Note

MTK Android devices are those Android devices powered by Mediatek chipsets (CPUs). See here for info on how to identify MTK Android devices.

Major MTK Devices Repairs Being Done with SP Flash Tools

1. Flashing: SP Flash Tools can be used to flash MTK Android devices. See here for detailed info about flashing and here on How to Flash MTK Android Devices Using SP Flash Tool

2. Remove or reset FRP: an be used to remove or reset FRP on MTK Android devices. See here on how to remove FRP on MTK Android Devices Using SP Flash Tool

3. Correct NULL IMEI: when an MTK Android device displays NULL IMEI or Invalid IMEI, the device will likely fail to receive any signal (GSM, 3G, LTE etc). SP Flash tool can correct such errors.

4. Revive DEAD MTK devices. Provided the files are available, MTK Android devices that are completely dead have better chance of revival with SP Flash Tools.

5. Formatting MTK Devices: using SP Flash Tools, you can format or factory reset most MTK Android devices with or without a lose of userdata.

6. Upgrade and Downgrade: SP Flash Tools eases upgrade and downgrade operations of any MTK Android devices.

Where to Download SP Flash Tools

Visit your Google Drive page here and go to:

Shared with me > PSR Suite Lab > Tools > SP Flash Tools

NOTE: you have to login your PSR Suite Google Drive account to download from the link above.

PS: the folder contains both Windows and Linux versions of SP Flash Tools.