Phone Software Repairs -PSR Suite!

From complete step by step do-it-yourself guides to an optional do-it-yourself or let-us-do-it for you, ABC Package has transformed to PSR Suite!
Now, you can choose between doing it by yourself or letting ArykTECH do it for you -the choice is yours.

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Over the Air Guides

If you are in the process of repairing a mobile device and got frozen halfway through, you can call up ArykTECH customer care line for a solution(s). –limited to software repairs solutions.

Needing A Particular Repair File?

Our archives already contained nearly all repairs files for all available mobile devices therefore, you can always rely on our archives for that. Still need more? Ask.

Help Via eMail

Find phone conversation too expensive? You can send us a mail. In response, you receive a concise tutorial with illustrations on how to resolve your issues. –mail response delivery may take up to between 6 – 12 hours.

Use Our Waybill Service

Still couldn’t find solution? Get your device down to ArykTECH workshop. You can either bring it in person or enroll your device on our Waybill portal here

What to Expect In the PSR Suite!

iCloud Solutions Pro Users Only

PSR Suite pro members dashboard contain iOS Solutions section where you get access to our two formidable methods for removing or deactivating iCloud accounts on iOS devices.

Flash Files Archives

All flash files and firmwares in the PSR Suite section are tested and confirmed working so you have highest success rate possible except though you missed a step.

Unbrick Files

When your device got bricked, you might need just more than flash files, you’ll probably need unbrick files. You have access to both the unbrick files and how to use them in the PSR Suite.

*Service Tools

Service Tools are needed to perform various phones software repairs. Most of these premium service tools (pre-activated) are already contained in the PSR Suite.

Site wide Discount Pro Users Only

As a PSR Suite user, you have up to 50% discount on all ArykTECH Premium Service including unlocking (official) and other related services. –limited to phones services only

*FRP Solutions

Factory Reset Protection is fast becoming major concerns for android phones users. PSR Suite presents you a host of FRP unlock solutions.

SIM Unlock Solutions

For all devices on some brands, PSR Suite covers concise tutorials on how to unlock these brands from your machine.

Video Tutorials

Where necessary, every tutorial is accompanied by step by step video guides so that you have better understanding of what you are doing and how to do it right!.

Make your choice. Choose from either Basic Lite, Basic or Pro PSR Suit account.

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